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Planning to buy a home, having a child or saving for your retirement?

Personalised portfolios

New portfolios are built each day for your individual risk profile.

global ETFs

Invest in the same quality Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) preferred by institutional investors.

Professionally managed

24/7 portfolio monitoring and dynamic rebalancing by our data-driven investment approach.

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Syfe is a digital wealth manager built for investors who expect more – greater transparency, smarter portfolios, and better outcomes. We combine leading investment strategies with cutting-edge technology to help you grow your wealth. Professionally managed portfolios for a fraction of the cost, and the freedom to withdraw anytime at no extra charge.

No brokerage fee, no entry / exit fees, no hidden charges. Deposit and withdraw at any time.

0.65% per year of your invested amount

Or as little as SGD 1.25 per week for every SGD 10,000 invested.

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