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Terms and Conditions:


  • - Applicable to all NTUCLink members
  • - Applicable to new clients who have never funded an account with Syfe
  • - Promotion is capped at 1 time usage per client
  • - Promotion cannot be used with other new client promotion with Syfe
  • - Cash bonus rewarded is dependent on the client's first deposit amount. First deposit amount is calculated by the sum of total deposits made to investment accounts on the first day. Funds must be deposited to clients account before 30 November to be eligible for the promotion
  • - Fee waiver duration for this promotion is 90 days and applicable for up to the first S$30,000 investment

Other Terms & Conditions

  • - By participating in this program, participants agree to the terms and conditions started 
  • Promo codes issued by Syfe are not valid for use together with promotions or offers. The promotion codes are strictly unstackable
  • - Fee waivers would commence at the first deposit date
  • - Bonuses will be credited after the campaign period ends on 30 November, 2021. Bonuses will be credited to the most recent portfolio created within 3 working days
    - Cash bonus amount will be held within the client's account until the lock-in period and balance conditions are met. Clients will only be able to withdraw invested amounts if the promotion criteria has not been met.  
    - Lock-in period is the duration at which the account has been funded for          
    - Lock-in amount is the minimum account balance client needs to maintain
  • - Syfe reserves the right to any remedy, including cancellation of accounts or reservations, if fraud, tampering, violations of these terms or Syfe’s Terms & Conditions, or if technical errors are suspected.
  • - Syfe reserves the right to suspend accounts or remove the Incentives if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the Syfe’s Terms & Conditions. Syfe also has the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals in our absolute sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.
  • - Eligible customers consent to Syfe’s collection and use of customer’s personal data and any disclosures of customer’s personal data by/to third parties for the purpose of this promotion. Eligible customers agree to the terms and conditions of Syfe’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at