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Save less than 20% of their income

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Singaporeans have a median SRRI score of 84. 

The crucial role of investing

Saving for retirement is important, but the right investment strategy can make the difference. Syfe’s risk-managed investment solutions can help deliver better returns across all market conditions. 

The median SRRI score for people in their mid-30s is 78.  


Current median SRRI score

Median SRRI score if all respondents save and invest

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Personalised portfolios

Low-cost, global ETFs

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New portfolios are built each day for your individual risk profile. 

Invest in the same quality Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) preferred by institutional investors. 

24/7 portfolio monitoring and dynamic rebalancing by our data-driven investment approach. 

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Monetary Authority of Singapore

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Simple, all-inclusive pricing

No brokerage fee, no entry / exit fees, no hidden charges. Deposit and withdraw at any time.

Starting at 0.4% per year of your invested amount

Or as little as S$1.25 per week for every S$10,000 invested.

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We asked 1,000 Singaporeans for Syfe's Retirement Readiness Index (SRRI) study. This is where they stand.

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SRRI scores below 100 indicate low levels of retirement readiness. 

Our survey reveals that 2 in 5 people are significantly behind on their retirement preparations, with scores below 70. 

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